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Welcome to Jubaer Group – a Marine 3d animation service farm consisting of experienced Naval Architects and 3d visual artists. We are eager to transform your visions into stunning reality through lifelike visualizations and captivating animations, all offered at unbeatable prices. Whether you steer a large shipyard, navigate a mid-sized design firm, or chart your own freelance course, Jubaer Group provides tailored solutions for all your boat, ship, and yacht visualization needs. Immerse yourself in a sea of creativity like never before as you set sail with Jubaer Group.

What We Do?

3D Animation

We produce 3D Animation from a GA plan or sketch of your boat and ships. We provide studio style, technical or realistic animation with virtual environments.


You may have a 3D Model of your boats, ships or yachts. An amazing rendered visualization of your model will make your project outstanding. Our visualization service is equipped with total render solution of your projects.


If you need detail modeling of your boats or ships we are here to support you. We provide any type of modeling for the marine design industry either for engineering service or  3D Visualization

Why Clients LOVE us?

'A combination of Engineering Design experience and creative visualization skills is the best reason for our clients to love us'

but, that’s not all. We are also known for our competitive pricing, offering fair and competitive pricing for our services is always a plus. Clients appreciate the value of their investment. With us, you will always feel that you are working with your own team. We are ready to communicate most responsibly to attend to your needs, and able to translate your ideas into visuals accurately.

Magic Created With

Allow us the opportunity to elevate your presentations and proposals with our exceptional 3D visualization services.

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